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Hi! I am based in Kaysville, Utah and I am here to save your yards. Whether snow, pool, or lawn I am the new way to achieve Inexpensive, quality care.  

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About Us

-Carter Grant


Hi, my name is Carter Grant and I started Supreme Lawncare to help people like you! I always thought lawn care was WAY too expensive and I saw a need to fix it. I am able to offer quality in your lawncare guaranteed while not hurting your wallet. Although I am young, I have 6 years of lawncare under my belt with one of them being for a professional company, Cutting Edge Lawn Care. I can't wait to start making YOUR yard better than ever before! 

Where We Service

Our services can be scheduled anywhere in Davis county with Kaysville and Farmington being our company's main location. 

My Location

1485 Flint meadow Dr. Kaysville, Utah 84037



3:00 PM — 6:00 PM


9:00 AM — 5:00 PM


Hours are subject to change: See "schedule now" calendar under "News & Deals"